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Honored to be recognized by Harvard University's Planetary Health Alliance
júlia pontés
Feb 21, 2019
Imensamente agradecida e à sua fundadora INCRÍVEL, Adriana Teresa, ao Planetary Health Alliance e Christopher Golden e à talentosa Rebecca Gaal.
Immensely grateful for the trust and support, in this that is a cause that I embrace with all my heart and life ❤️
As montanhas pertecem ao POVO e elas são o verdadeiro tesouro do Brasil!
Announcing the results of Harvard University's 'Planetary Health Alliance' Open Call for Visual Storytellers by Planetary Health Alliance via Visura
The Planetary Health Alliance ( PHA)  is delighted to announce the winner, finalist and honorable mentions for the first PHA open call for visual storytellers.  Driven to spread the message of planetary health to broader audiences, the...

Júlia Pontés

(b.1983 - Minas Gerais, Brazil) - Based in São Paulo, New York, Buenos Aires, and Mumbai. She is a skilled drone pilot, aerial photographer, photographic printer and her photographic knowledge range from Large Format Film photography to advanced Photoshop skills.
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