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Tips to Focus from an ADHD Photographer and Academic
júlia pontés
Mar 20, 2020

Although I was only diagnosed with ADHD later in life, at the age of 29, I have dealt with its consequences my whole life.  Since then I have tried many solutions and alternatives as I have always chosen to be medication free.

Here I share tips of a routine that has been allowing me to read, write academic articles and pursue a graduate degree.

For almost a year now, I have been looking for ways to avoid my excessive dispersion and to be able to read books, produce essays and basically focus on reading, writing or getting things done.

1)Find a quiet space, that you will be able to have your focus routine on everyday;

2)Get head phones, if you can, with noise cancelling features. Recommendation below.

3)Download a timer. Recommendation below.

4)Have a notebook by your side;

5)Find a to focus enhancing playlist that you like. Recommendation below.

I use noise cancelling headphones and put a Magnetic Mind playlist in a low volume, only cover all background noise. I don’t listen to those playlists unless I am in focus mode, that way I am also teaching my brain to focus whenever it listens to those songs.

6)Set the timer, and during that time, no matter how hard it is, focus only in what you proposed to do. I make 50 minutes focusing time intervals with 10 or 5 minute breaks. You can adjust to 25min, 35min with 5 min break, whatever works best for you.

-Stimulants can be helpful to make ADHD people to focus. In my case, I take one cup of coffee a day, I don't make a strong one, but rather a mild that I can have throughout the day. Never after 5pm.

- No matter what happens, during this time don’t check your phone, don’t do social media and try to avoid doing anything other than what you planned during your focusing time.

-Have a little notebook or your planner where you can write down things that come to your mind and you can do over the breaks.

-This is the Youtube channel, there are many good playlists. I listen to the ADHD, Focus, Quantum Memory. I use them so much that I try to vary the sounds.

This is the timer I have downloaded to my computer. It controls my focus time, as well as my intervals. It’s called Focus Timer.

And those are the headphones I use. I found them on a list of the best noise cancelling headphones under 100usd, but on Amazon there are other with even better reviews in a similar price range. They basically remove the low machine noise like fridges, etc.:

Júlia Pontés

Júlia Pontés (b.1983 - Minas Gerais, Brazil) - Based in Sao Paulo, New York, and Buenos Aires. She is a skilled drone pilot, aerial photographer, photographic printer and her photographic knowledge range from Large Format Film photography to advanced Photoshop skills.
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